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24,000 delegates delivered this!

A Poverty of Reason by Wilfred Beckerman Book review

A voice for the poor

A Walk by the River with my Daughter - a poem by David Holbrook

A Wish for William Morris - a poem by UA Fanthorpe

Abortion: second thoughts

Absence of Paxman

Abundant Life Centre

Advance purchase commitments for malaria, TB and AIDS vaccines

Affluent activists harm the poor

Afghanistan's forests

All EU citizens to be fingerprinted

Allen Kneese Obituary

America did not deserve this iC

The Amazonian desert is coming

Anarchy, State and Utopia

Animal rights and vegetarian blogs

Antichrist of the Green religion

An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin

Archeopteryx fossils of Sohnhofen

Archeopteryx lithographica

Arsenic and drinking water

At Gunthorp, November 2000

Author submission screen

Banning field sports. Who started it?

Bauer, Peter. From subsistence to exchange .  Book review

BBC anti-biotech bias

Beaches, record number of clean.

Ben Nevis, should it be privately owned?

The Benefits of Biotech by Gregory Conko

The best health care system for patients, or doctors?

Big brother in Denmark

Big brother - UK police DNA database

Binsey poplars, felled 1879

Biotech food myths

Biotech is benign

Bishops support GMOs

Bob Dylan at the old Aust ferry

Bono, Paul O'Neill and world trade

Brda river in Poland, Canoeing the

Bromham Mill

Brokeback Mountain

Burial on private land

Bush Talks Sense on Conservation  

BNFL, privatise it now Poll

Brunel bowdlerised

Brutal truth

Burial at sea

Cap and trade carbon

Campaign to save hunting with dogs launched

Can a poem kill a child?

Canadian Anti-Biotech Fraud Goes To Court

Canada and the Kyoto Accord

Canadian Global-Warming Propaganda Ministry

Canoe touring on the River Severn

Canoeing stuff

Canoeing the river Altmuhl

Canoeing the non tidal Thames

Canoeing the River Trent

Car park etiquette

Johnny Cash 1932 - 2003. Click here

Caviar trade ban

Chinese woman beaten to death

Chocina river in Poland, Canoeing the

Chris Tame 1949-2006

Chrissie Hynde - should know better

Clare Short is an iGreen!  

Clare Short at Dohar

Clean beach update 2002

Climate Stability Bonds

Coase theorem, pollution and

The Cob at Porthmadog  

Coming - Poem by Philip Larkin

Common sense - death of

Common sense environmentalism

The conflict industry 

Congestion charge in Durham 

Congestion charge - the first week 

Conker trees, council chop down over safety fears   

Conservative Friends of Israel interview David Davis and David Cameron 

Conventional wisdom 8 April 2004

The best restaurant in Lahore - Cooko's den

Corn ethanol - burning money, food and oil

Cornwall declaration

Cornwall's Eden Project - hothouse of hate  

Cotswold council lawncutting

Council fined for “toxic” footpaths

Countryside Alliance March Pictures and Banners 

Cuckney Mill

Cuckney Old Mill

Cyclist's litter, council pick up

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Daniel Defoe on toll roads

Daniel Strother

Dancing girls of Lahore

River Dee Canoe Access protest 20/21 November 2004 Click here for details

Dearne bridges

Dennis Puleston Obituary

The dictator and his wife. A poem by Noel Whittall.

DiHydrogen Monoxide Research Division 

Dinosaur Island. BBC digs up fragile coastline 

Discovering the Flint river by Jimmy Carter

Doomsday predictions

Do the Al Quaeda terrorists deserve this? 

Drawbacks of le train ordinaire

Ducks Unlimited - going wrong

Duke's Wood. Site of Britain's first mainland oil discovery

Earth summit - clean water

Earthquake news

Eco-bytes environmental new service

Ecoimperialism - book review

Economic man, cleaner planet

Economists v. Environmentalists

Edingley geology

Edingley, Nottinghamshire

Edingley pickles

Edingley questions

Effect of hunt ban on rural economy letter

Electromagnetic radiation

Elephant dung paper, and paintings

Ellis flour mill, Lincoln

The Environmental challenge


Environmental news

Environmentalists for nuclear energy - book review

Environmental protection in the US, legal status

Ethiopia -it's not our fault.

EU hypocrisy

European constitution - again

European People's Party

European Union olive subsidies

Euro sense from Daniel Hannan 

Exeter canal and Exe estuary

Extinction predictions 

Extinctions predicted from global warming



Fable of the mermaid and the drunks

Fairtrade fat cats

Fanny Hill 24 Sept 2005

Farewell Concorde - and good riddance

Farmers; the original environmentalists

Freddie Laker - environmentalist

Fresh coffee house

The Explosion by Philip Larkin a poem

Fake lynx hairs

Falling CO2 emissions despite no Kyoto

Farmers whining

Feeding the five billion. 

Fellatio - a poem by John Updike

The Fish - a poem by Elizabeth Bishop

Fiskerton Airfield oil well

Food scarcity predictions 

Forestry has more to sell than timber

French farm minister cuts trees.

From Orient Point - a poem by Marilym Hacker

From the New Yorker 24 Sept 2001

Flint river in Georgia, Canoeing the

Flood defence counselling

Food famine and free trade

Foot and mouth disease

Forest felled to save snail 

Fox welfare amendment

Foxhunting ban to be lifted

Frederick Forsyth on Davis v. Cameron

Frederick Hayek Book review

Freelance conservationists

French train costs

Fuel subsidies harm the poor, the economy and the environment

Funeral news

Future benefits of biotechnology for fuel and materials

Garw valley

Gaulter's gap oil well

Gay headlines


George Green and Green's mill Sneinton

German Green Party pushes nuclear plant closures 

German private railways 

Gerry Adams, tree hugger

Glenfeshie estate saved from nationalisation

GM Food Please - iGreen campaign  

It's GM or starvation say Nobel laureate

GM soybeans need less fertiliser - or more? 

Globalisation is good for you

GM good? GM wonderful

GM letters


GM stuff

GM sugar beet benefits

Golda Meir quotes

Going, going. Philip Larkin

Golden rice.  Greenpeace delays still causing deaths

Gopher tortoise conservation bank 

Graham Greene in Nottingham 4 Feb 2005

Graham Greene on prostitution

Great Lakes getting cleaner

Great Ouse (unfinished)

Great road transport subsidy Poll

Green - and lucrative too

Green burial in the United States

Greenpeace at Menwith Hill

Greenpeace accused of eco-manslaughter

Green on the outside, red on the inside 

Green Scissors campaign

Green watch, monitoring the greens

Grove House, Iffley - a poem by Elizabeth Jennings

Growth is good for the poor too

Haitian "free electricity"

Hallelujah.  Written by Leonard Cohen and sung by Jeff Buckley. 11 Sept 2003. Click here to listen. 

Hidden Things - a poem by CP Cavafy

Home exchange available near Nottingham, England

Home exchange for free!

Hordern's Sydney Oaks

Houghton water mill

Huddersfield/Halifax maternity merger

Human flu pandemic death rate predictions

Human "Mad Cow" deaths

Hunting celebrities

Hunting.  How did your MP vote?  

Hunting stuff

Ilkeston Nottingham Turnpike

Ill wind blowing through energy policy

Inequity and terrorism from Smartertimes

Instructions to authors

Invest in technology from The Times of India 9 Nov 2002

In a plane your hair was blown by Graham Greene

In praise of cheap labour

In the name of love

Ironbridge power station may close soon  

Israeli & Jewish News

Issues, The i word

It came to pass. (For the Brits) 19 July 2002

The Jackdaw of Rheims

Jan Narveson on Lovelock and greenhouse gases

Jevons, W Stanley, worried about coal running out in 1865

Jeremy Rifkin predictions

Johannesburg summit petition

John Rawls has died

Jozef Chetmowski - Kashubian folk artist 

Julian Simon and Energy sustainability - Book review 

Kaszuby region, Poland, Canoeing in the 

Keiko the Orca; Free Willy at last!  

Keep up the good work Jose Bove

Kimberley railway cuttingKimberley railway cutting

Kindness to Animals by Wendy Cope

King of Love


Kirklington mill ponds

Kirklington oil well 

Kyme Eau - River Slea

Kyoto 4 years on - no rush

Kyoto progress 6 March 2002

Kyoto progress 30 August 2002

Lady Thatcher's valedictory

Lake Malaren meteorite crater

Larkinalia - The Explosion.  Signed by Larkin.  19 Sept 2004

Larkin in 1977

Larkin's kindness  

Last Words - a poem.

Let's ban it. 

Liberating the Land - Book review

Life expectancy by the year 2060



Listed buildings - letter

Listen to the wind

Litany and the heretic - yet more Lomborg 

Little platoons- new series

Lomborg, the smear continues

Lomborg to head Danish Environment Institute

Lord Lester's civil partnerships bill

The Lottery - a short story by Shirley Jackson


Love songs in age

Lovelock on Nuclear Power

Low emission vehicles - Smartertimes

Lumley Park Burn

Mad Cow disease - French wine risk?

Make Jose Bove serve his time

Making people pay for abortion

Malaria and the DDT Story article

Malaria and DDT book review

Male butterflies court falling leaves

Mary Cheney interview

Masai Mara, private conservancy in  

Maternity unit mergers in the NHS

Meanwood beck and the crayfish   see letter

Meanwood beck, the council sewage engineer replies

Meanwood Beck crayfish update

Mending Wall a poem by Robert Frost

Melchett cashes in, again 

Mexico city policy

Millenium Tours to Pakistan

Minch Moor Windfarm news

Mining industry news

Mississippi conflicts

Mobile phone radiation

Modern farming

Monarch butterflies and GM maize

Money's mill Sleaford

More blather at Kyoto

More Guardian nonsense

More Jose Bove letters

More on dams - an Ethiopian response

"Motor boating" Agency  

The murder of Pim Fortuyn  

My hill - a poem by Michael Tod

National Liftshare day

New ideas needed to revive the NHS

Newark words

9/11 News

9/11 stuff

NHS Direct

NHS doctor's pay

NHS needs a shake up

NHS productivity

Norman Borlaug defends GM food

The North Ship by Philip Larkin

Northeast rivers getting cleaner 

Northern latitudes getting greener

Norway's toll road success 

Not Enough Fish to Go Around 8 April 2004

Not my best side. A poem by UA Fanthorpe

Nottingham Castle sandstone

Nottingham's London Road Turnpike

Nuffield Council Report

Old Edingley pictures

Ollerton Watermill

One Art - a poem by Elizabeth Bishop

Oppose the Data Protection Act

Optimum Petrol tax

Otis Ferry, iGreens' celebrity of the month

Out to get you by James

Oxford circuit

Oyster beds 

Paddling the river Wye in 1916

Patient choice

Pakistan, Millenium Tours to

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Park fees in Nairobi

Paul Ehrlich 

Paul Romer; post-scarcity prophet

Peter Bauer has died

PG Wodehouse Castle Mystery

Phone masts

Pim Fortuyn

PJ O'Rouke on the Tory leadership campaign

Playground wood scare

Poems 2002

The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Pollution on the river Wey

The Pope on sexual love

Porpoises in river Aire

Poor Old Horse - a poem by David Holbrook

The Port of Amsterdam Brel/Bowie

Praise for MacDonald's

Precautionary principle

Prelude by Wendy Cope

Present benefits of biotechnology for food

The Prestige and other marine oil spills  

The Prisoner of Chillon - Byron

Privacy and the Euro

Private mineral rights and oil supplies

Private train, a different sort of

Privatisation news around Europe

Privatisation and toll road stuff

Privatise the Fire Service

Professor Mark Poustie on the Skye bridge tolls

Propaganda and Environmental Scares

Private and charitable conservation in California

Private Railway Lines

Public eyesores

Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC), letter from (2002)

RAF Fiskerton memorial

Rail - the price of safety

Railtrack collapse

Ratty on the Thames 

Rebuilding the World Trade Center

Recent Iraqi war deaths

Record number of clean beaches

Red Hill Nottingham

Red wine and sunshine ain't that bad

Reforestation in China 

Reforming the fire service

Refund the UNFPA, no way

Response to World Dam Report

Return the streets

RFF seminar Jo'berg

Richard Posner - an interview

The river.  A poem by Raymond Carver.

Riverside studios - publicly funded pornography

Road charging by satellite - CfIT report

Roadside memorials

Robert Nozick has died

Rothley brook bridges 

RSPB taken over by Townies Letters

RSPCA expels Richard Meade 

Russia cooling on Kyoto 20 Oct 2003

Sad day for Skye

Salmon conservation in Scotland book review

Satanic gases - book review

Save the baby ducks

Save the sturgeon, eat Avruga

Sceptics denounce climate change

Schmeiser- the final verdict

Schultes, Richard obituary

Scientific American v. Lomborg

Search engine-environmental science

September 1, 1939 by WH Auden

Setting patients free

Seven Subspecies of Green 

Severn Navigation Restoration Trust also see poll

Severn riverbank litter

Sewage and waterfowl 26 August 2001

The sex life of PG Wodehouse

Sex notes

Shell and Development Projects in Nigeria

Shooting foxes - book review

Siccar point

Site awards

The Skeptical Environmentalist - Book Review

Skullduggery in Reading?

Skye wind farms

Smartertimes - wishful thinking 

Smog attack - from the Sierra club

Social policy bonds by Ronnie Horesh

Some 9/11 quotes iC

Somehow I never could believe

Sooner or later - a poem by Susan Sorensen

Southern Africa, private conservation in

Spencer's Law - another reason not to worry

Spirits in Flight

St Swithin's church, Kirklington

The Starlink settlement

The Starfish project

Stockhausen apology click here  

The Suburban Classes by Stevie Smith

Transportation news

Summit stuff - Kyoto and Jo'burg

Support Andy Nation in his marathon Thames swim for the Anthony Nolan Trust  

Surfers against sewage 

Svalbard glacier scare

Sydney plane trees

Tam Dalyell is a racist

Taps of Poverty by Daniel North

Tasmanian Government deforestation

Ten pillars of economic wisdom

Terrorism and nuclear power  

Testable prediction, Atlantic at White House by 2020

Thatcher the musical

The Choice, WB Yeats

"Things are getting better" stuff

Thirty three things

This is love

Three billion and counting

Three new Thames crossings?

To a common prostitute

Toll bridges

Toll bridges in the past

Toll motorways

Toll roads  24 Jan 2004

Toll road schemes

Too many UK railways?

Tory leader - Cameron or Davis? 23 Oct 2005

Total Liberty  

Transgenic trees

Tree stories- book review

True cost of France's TGV trains  

Truth about the Environment by Bjorn Lomborg

Tuxford Windmill

UK rail accident deaths 26 Oct 2002


UK rail privatisation, the real story

UNFPA Hides Coercion Behind a Green Front 

UNFPA and forced abortion in China

Urban sprawl

VINCI - Toll roads

Visions of the Daughters of Albion extract

Walt Whitman: a gay life

War memorials

War on Iraq

Was Mrs. Thatcher responsible for the Kyoto climate protocol? 

Water Company helps canoeists clean river Aire

Water for Life by Mischa Balen

Water privatisation in Africa

Water privatisation reduces child mortality in Argentina 

Watnall brickyard

Wedding wind, by Philip Larkin

The Welsh Rivers - canoeing book review

Welsh wind farms - letters

Weirs, what's wrong with also see poll

West Bretton war memorial

Wetland development - Smartertimes 15 Jan 2002

What do gay conservatives believe in?

What's wrong with the French?

White cypress-Australian reforestation

Whitney toll bridge

Why do so many Americans drive SUVs? 

Wilderness areas

Wind Farm Fightback conference Saddleworth June 19th

Wind turbines, more on

Wingspread Statement 

Winston Churchill's hearse

The Wish a poem allegedly by Lord Rochester

With the Naked Eye by Karel Sloan 22 Sept 2005

Witham River

Woodland burial

The World is Cooling

The World's Banker - book review.

Wokingham Waterside centre update

World Trade Centre letters

World Trade Center rebuilding. It's down to two

Wren's Nest, Dudley

Wye, privateers on

Wye river in 1835

Y Garth - fossil site

Yorkshire Derwent

Yorkshire screen commission

Your government is repeating our mistakes

Yosemite, tacky cabins

Zbryca river in Poland, Canoeing the 



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