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So you want to publish on Read this first.

What we want?

  1. Papers on free-market environmentalism. 
    1. Global warming, over-fishing, clean water, traffic congestion, road-pricing, mining, forestry, farming etc.
  2. Traditional environmentalism.
    1. Hunting, shooting and fishing.  Bull fighting.  Hare coursing.
  3. Modern nuttiness
    1. GM food.  Phone masts.  
    2. Government foolishness of any sort.
  4. Politics, poetry, music or sex.  No pornography or personal secrets please.   
  5. Health and education.
  6. Canoeing, geology and the East Midlands

Be contrarian, but remember readers often prefer data to opinion.  J

 What we do not want

  1. Articles asking for governments to clear up pollution, or ban or regulate this or that activity.    There are many other outlets for that.  Nevertheless, we are interested in serious critiques of free-market or traditional environmentalist ideas.

What we offer

  1. Publication on a Google rank-5 site with 150,000+ hits per month.  Be noticed.
  2. No peer review.  The editorís decision is final.
  3. A light editorial touch.  Be prepared for your article appearing as you submit it.
  4. You may retain your copyright.  All we ask is that you assign us the right to publish your article on iGreens.
  5. No money.  We don't pay.  L

How to submit your article.

Send it as a word attachment to  Send pictures as jpg files, max 100Kb.  Include your real name and email address.   Indicate how you want your name to appear and whether you want your contact email to appear with the published article.  Articles may appear under a pseudonym but this must be clearly indicated.  Keep it short.  2000 words is our usual maximum.  1000 is better.  500 better still.   J


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You have reached  For up to date iGreens news, posts and discussion, visit  

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Last modified: February 05, 2006