Cape Trafalgar.
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And The Catedral Nueva in Cadiz

The lighthouse is manned.  Quite unusual I believe these days.  

It stands on the limestone point of Cape Trafalgar, where in 1805, a few miles out to sea, the English Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the French and Spanish fleet but lost his life. 

cape trafalgar4.JPG (86269 bytes) 

At the end of the point, just below the cliff-top path, layers of cross-bedded limestone are clearly visible below the overhang.  

cape trafalgar sedimentary rock2.JPG (296704 bytes)   cape trafalgar overhang2.JPG (143100 bytes)   cape trafalgar cross bedding2a.JPG (192800 bytes)   cape trafalgar cross bedding3a.JPG (215531 bytes)

The lovely beach north of the cape is much frequented by nudists, which may be why helicopters so frequently fly along it!  

More likely they are looking for illegal North African immigrant boats waiting to land their cargo ashore, or perhaps for the bodies of their unfortunate customers.

The limestone rocks offshore make swimming difficult at low tide.  his is a similar dark grey limestone used for the lower (older) part of Cadiz Catedral Nueva.  They are both similarly hard on the hands! 

cadiz cathedral nuevo1.JPG (209601 bytes)   cadiz cathedral nuevo2.JPG (168235 bytes)    cadiz cathedral nuevo dark limestone1.JPG (224397 bytes)   cadiz cathedral nuevo light limestone.JPG (180769 bytes)

See how the builders changed material half way through.  They didn't just change from dark to light limestone but the design, especially on the main facade, moved from Baroque lower down to Neo-classical above.

 cadiz nuevo baroque.JPG (168537 bytes)     cadiz nuevo clasical.JPG (157527 bytes)



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You have reached  In December 2006 we moved to with faster servers and discussion boards.  Click here to follow us.  

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