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It takes courage for a popular celebrity to come out as someone who enjoys hunting shooting or fishing.   It is so much easier to court popularity by saving the whale or the rain forest.   There is even a small danger of violent attack from extreme animal rights activists.  But a few brave souls have done so.   Here is an incomplete list.  iGreens salute them all.  Let us know of any more. 

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is an experienced hunter.   She grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and says "(I was) hunting with my dad since I was six. I still go with him to this day. "I can handle a gun. Hello? Yes. I could skin a deer, I could skin a pig. I can pluck a quail-you name it, I've done it. A pioneer woman."  

Mary Cheney Click here

Kevin Costner, starred in the 1990s, "Dances With Wolves," which featured a buffalo hunt.  He writes of his love of fishing in the foreword to the recent book Celebrity Fish Talk. "My biggest release is playing sports, but the most spiritual I get is when I'm on a stream.

Other celebrity contributors include Tiger Woods, Huey Lewis, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Chiklis, Meat Loaf, Andy Garcia, Nolan Ryan, Marcus Allen, Picabo Street, Tracy Byrd, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, Bobby Knight, Tommy Smothers, Dan Quayle, George Seifert

We have mixed feelings about Robert Redford.  He has done enormous harm with his support for populist campaigns against nuclear power stations, but he is a fisherman and he has put some of his own money into conservation.  In 1998, he attached a conservation easement to the 860-acre Redford Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve in Utah, so it is now forever protected as a wild habitat.  He also directed the great fly-fishing film, "A River Runs Through It". 

TV presenter and fisherman, Chris Tarrant, is president of the Anglers Conservation Association.  Click here for more.

The fame of Ted Nugent, a rock star who has sold 30 million records, increasingly rests on his outspoken support for hunters as conservationists.  Here is a recent quote:

"When the Canadian provinces were drained for increased agricultural production, it was the hunters, the waterfowl hunters that saw the destruction of nesting habitat and came to the aid of Ducks Unlimited (click here) and Delta Waterfowl (click here). These are hunting organizations. And I can name the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation (Click here), Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation. We [hunters] stop the bulldozer boogie. We put value on wild ground. Because not only does the wild ground produce more ducks, of which we only shoot a minor percentage, but that ultimately is going to be where our quality air, soil and water will come. As a hunter, fisherman and trapper, I am proud to join this honourable community in taking credit for that."

Pop star Madonna took up hunting when she married Guy Ritchie and moved to England a few years ago, but seems to have gone off the sport recently.  She is quoted as being upset when she saw a pheasant she had shot die at her feet, but other have wondered if she was just a poor shot.    


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You have reached  In December 2006 we moved to with faster servers and discussion boards.  Click here to follow us.  

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