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Accuracy in Media monitoring  and correcting collectivist bias

Activist Cash: Who's paying for their campaigns?  Check here.

Adam Smith Institute The "other" British free market think tank.  The IEA thinks the unthinkable.  The ASI develops policy to make it happen.   

Adopt A Green Prisoner Let people imprisoned for drug offences know you care. Help them in letter writing campaigns to their political representatives. Build a website for them. Be a friend when times are tough.  

The Acton Institute

Agriculture Online News and chat from Americas farmers This modest budget site presents a digest of contemporary conservative, liberal, libertarian, and related views.!  Great resource

Andrew The best sort of conservative commentator.   Big on freedom, small on authority.   Gay as well!   Perfect! Lomborg's enemies gang up on him.   A useful resource with some good points, but spoiled by gloating over the violent attack on him in an Oxford bookshop.   People who are losing the argument often turn to violence. The purest oasis of hardcore anarcho-capitalist journalism on the internet

Arianna Stassinopoulos

The Atlas Foundation encourages and supports other independent think tanks

The Ayn Rand Environmentalist Institute emphasises the stark contrast between those who wish to protect the environment for its own sake and those who wish to use it for the sake of humanity.  Much of it is taken up with attacks on the lunatic fringe of environmentalism, such as the Unabomber, and violent animal activists. Most people, even most woolly environmentalists, are more reasonable. They want a better environment for man’s sake. They just need to be reminded of the trade-offs, and how capitalism can help them achieve their aims better than socialism.

Band Biographies

Barbara Curtis a radical feminist who has changed in a good way.  

Hotels in Barcelona, Apartments in Barcelona. Barcelona Hotels. Accommodation in our Barcelona apartments is the best alternative to hotels

Hotels in Berlin, Berlin Hotel Apartment accommodation Get more with old town apartments than a hotel in Berlin

BACIT Beston and Chilwell for Integrated transport.  Campaigning for Nottingham's line 2 tram.  

Bollinger County Friends of Liberty A real nice home page

British Association for Shooting and Conservation


British Fur Trade Association

Build it Solar Lots of interesting and ingenious ideas for building your own energy saving devices.  At present they are proud of being non-commercial.  I do hope that they soon get over that and make commercially viable devices.  At that point they will really be saving energy.

Canoe camping club

Canoe touring website

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute Taking conservative ideas to young women.  Challenge the intimidating dominance of liberals (note US site i.e. illiberal) and radical feminists on campuses

Center for the Study of CO2 and Global Change Sober, scientific treatments of the fate and effects of CO2 emissions from human activity.  Mostly peer-reviewed articles oriented toward natural outcomes and market-solutions.

Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London.   Professor Stephen Glaister is the main man here.  

The Clara Angela Foundation is the brainchild of Dr Birgit Arabin, a German obstetrician working in the Netherlands.  It supports creative ideas in science, arts, philosophy, economics and social work.

Competitive Enterprise Institute - a Washington based free enterprise think tank challenging conventional environmental wisdom

Conservative Transport Group

Countryside Alliance

Country Guardian 

David R

Dead Economists Society The classical liberal economists who championed free markets, limited government, and the private property order. Adam Smith, J.B. Say, Frederic Bastiat, David Ricardo, Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Booker T. Washington, James Madison, Leonard Read, Henry Hazlitt and Julian Simon.

Defenders of Property rights counterbalance the government regulatory threat to private property  They believe that society can protect the environment and preserve heritage -- without destroying private property rights or undermining free market principles.

Demographic entrapment: Maurice King believes that much of the developing world faces starvation, having exceeded the carrying capacity of their local ecosystems, and that the blame lies largely with global capitalism.  His solution is global government, and population control.   

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division (DMRD) Enjoy!

Direct democracy  Diversity, pluralism, and local decision-making for the Conservatives

Dukes Wood oil museum 

United Kingdom - Discover United Kingdom

Don't tread on me Young people fighting back against big government. another free car pooling/ridesharing service

Ducks unlimited The world's largest private, waterfowl and wetland conservation organisation has had benefits far beyond its original aim to preserve ducks for hunting. 

Ecolo pro nuclear-power, environmental website

Economically Viable Alternative Green

Economic Freedom of the World: For 15 years a group of free market think tanks have measured economic freedom by country, in a consistent and objective manner. This matters if you believe that political freedom requires economic freedom. See where your country lies. 

Economics jokes 

Environmental Defense previously the Environmental Defense Fund a traditional environmental group that originated in the campaign in the 1960s to ban DDT in the US.   In recent years it has become a leading advocate of economic incentives as a new approach to solving environmental problems, although it still campaigns for rather too many unwise government regulations and subsidies. 

Environment Matters at the World Bank A magazine of meaningless platitudes that fortunately seems to have died.

Environmental Sustainability Index An interesting attempt at measuring the environmental sustainability of different countries.   Richer seems to be more sustainable.

Europe Mountains Ski and accommodation deals in the Austrian, French, Italian & Swiss Alps

Evergreen magazine.  Forestry matters from the industry perspective.

Fiends of the Earth Not a misspelling - An education  lampoon.   As they say, the real Friends of the Earth is an international organisation dedicated to protecting the planet from technology, freedom and common sense; and to empowering citizens to do as we tell them.  Enjoy!

The Fisherman's Association

Forest Trends an environmental coalition promoting forest products and services. 

Foxman UK foxhunting site 

Huntfacts A personal and heartfelt site by someone who knows what he's talking about.   Also poetry on hunting.

Fraser Institute Competitive Market Solutions for Public Policy Problems

The Freedom Association Fighting for the free market, limited government, parliamentary democracy and the rule of law.

The Freedom Index See where your country lies.

Freedom's nest  They call themselves anti-conservative, anti-liberal, pro-freedom.  Eh?  Traditions can be good, and surely freedom lovers aren't anti-liberal.  Actually I know what they mean; the l word has been expropriated by socialists in America.  This is a good site for libertarian quotes.

Friedman Foundation school choice Government financing of schooling is entirely consistent with private administration of schooling.  The solutions if school vouchers

Frogfarm  An idiosyncratic individualist-environmentalist’s home page.

Front Page magazine

Fur and the environment The real fur trade claim to be environmentally friendly.  Judge for yourself.

GLADD The Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists  provides a forum in Great Britain for campaigning on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues relevant to the practice of medicine and dentistry

The George C Marshall Institute

Global Ideas Bank A seriously important site. And fun.

The Globalisation Institute  Showing how globaliastion helps the world's poorest.

The Golden Pass Line.  The famous tourist railway between Lucerne and Geneva. Gstaad to Montreux is the most spectacular section.

Greening Earth Society An industry sponsored non profit promoting the view that CO2 is good for humanity and the environment.  Their most famous publications the Greening of Planet Earth videos rile environmentalists but got powerful support recently in the September 16, 2001 issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Green Alliance

Green Party The UK Green Party still believes in socialism 

Green Party of the United States Nice site. Shame about the policies.

Green watch.  Monitoring green organisations.  Click here to read about them

Gr$$npeace - In 1998, Greenpeace spent more than $70 million -- fully 62% of its budget -- on finance and administration (read: fat salaries and bloated perks) and other boondoggles not associated with any actual environmental campaign.

Grist magazine Supposedly gloom and doom with a sense of humour.  Actually just the usual calls to make business stop doing things, and force the rest of us to pay for their pet projects.  Humorous authoritarians who've not discovered opportunity costs.

Heartland Institute covers energy-environmental issues using sound science, energy realism, and market solutions.

Heretical ideas is just what it says it is.   Contrarians enjoy.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes Online provides free homeowners insurance
quotes from nationwide providers.

Hoover Institution commentary on public policy

How Private Ownership Saved the Southern Forest by Charles E. Tomlinson

Hunting with Dogs Look here for the the final report of the committee of enquiry into hunting with dogs in England and Wales The “grandmother” of individualist sites. In the 1960s socialists took over feminism, until then a liberal movement in the traditional sense. Wendy McIlroy and her associates are reclaiming it. 

The Independent Institute, A non-politicized, public policy research organization

The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy

Institute of Economic Affairs. The UK's original free-market think-tank. The environmental unit is headed by Julian Morris.

Institute for Energy Research  This free-market non-profit organisation promotes efficient outcomes for energy consumers and producers, and refuses government funding.

Institute for the Study of Civil Society: (CIVITAS - director David Green) is concerned with the legal, institutional and moral framework that makes a free and democratic society possible. iGreens will be interested in the traditional institutions by which people regulated their environment, but CIVITAS is also concerned with sexual and reproductive behaviour, crime, and much else besides. 

Internet archive see how iGreens (and the rest of the Internet) used to look.

101 ways to hurt the earth

James Dawsons' Freedom Pages' The medical marijuana website for your rights in America!  

Jane' up to date defence and intelligence information

John Locke Foundation A lively and influential North Carolina think tank.  "... every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has any right to but himself. The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his ..." Locke, 2nd Treatise on Government

Jonathan H Adler's home page.  A freemarket environmentalist lawyer.  Much good sense here.

Katoomba group is developing markets for ecosystem services e. g. the water purifying effects of forests

KayakSportUK Canoeing portal. News, forum, classified ads, online store etc.

Keep America Beautiful encourages people to take responsibility for their local environment, by such things as litter prevention, and the improvement of parks, roads and waterfronts.  They advocate positive action, not finger-pointing or blame-placing.  

Klamath Basin Crisis Homesteaders v. "Enviros"

Krakow accommodation, Hotel Apartments in Krakow Apartment hotel guest house on the Old Town square

Laissez Faire books Books on Liberty

Lech Augustynski - Guide to the Kashuby region of Poland.  Click here for his site. an idiosyncratic daily collection of stories and opinion pieces put together by the president of the Mises Institute, and the vice president of the Center for Libertarian Studies

Libertarian Party:

Libertarian youth party of Finland Not yet in English, but they are planning to set up a Finnish translation site of iGreens.  So good for them!  :)   Pay them a visit.

The Liberty Land Trust  in Massachusetts raises money to buy and maintain open space in its natural state. By owning and maintaining the land, they protect the environment without forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.  They neither seek nor accept public funding, and aim to prove that the private sector can support such valuable programs without the interference of government, and an ever-increasing tax burden.   Unlike the Sierra Club or Greenpeace, your money is spent protecting the environment now, instead of lining the pockets of lobbyists. Surf over, make a donation and prove them right.

LibertyTree: Review and Catalogue

The Lindesmith Centre is the leading independent drug policy institute in the United States.  It opposes the war on drugs and supports harm reduction programmes. Bjorn Lomborg's homepage.  Take a look at the Skeptical Environmentalist page of corrections and see how many mistakes he made. 

Lyinginponds Measuring the partisanship of American political commentators

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan.  Especially good on education issues but some environmental material.

Madrid hotels and apartments, Madrid  Hotel accommodation Madrid Hotels, Madrid apartments, hotels in Madrid, apartments in Madrid

The Marine Stewardship Council harnesses consumer purchasing power to promote environmentally responsible fisheries.  Initially a collaboration between Unilever, the worlds largest fish buyer, and the World Wildlife Fund, it is now independent.   Certified fisheries generally get a premium for their catch.

Mason Bilafer Partnership Rubber dam experts.  

Mathew Edgar's blogspot Daily libertarian commentary

Michael Vandeman 

Native Forest Council Good people who care about the environment but have not yet made the key leap of understanding.  They see publicly-owned land damaged by government-subsidised private loggers, miners and cattle grazers, and blame the latter.  They have not yet realised that the fundamental fault is public ownership and public subsidy.    

NESDA Network for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa.  "helping African societies achieve environmentally sustainable development"  A florid example of the sort of talking shop that wastes resources and harms the environment in Africa.  Don't go there for information, only to see how things should not be done!

NIREX Radioactive waste management

Nottingham East Conservative Party.  Jim Thornton is the prospective parliamentary candidate

Offshore companies, offshore company formation Get an offshore company from trusted professionals in Cyprus. Experienced, person and professional approach. mainly devoted to the substantial task of exposing US legal vested interests.   

Our Souls.  A great Glasgow rock band.

Pacific Research Institute A venerable US free-market think tank located in California.  Founded in 1979 by San Francisco businessman James North with the help of Anthony Fisher the founder of the IEA, the granddaddy of them all.

The people's guide to basic solar power by William L. Seavey.   Power from the sun

PERC The Political Economy Research Center supports free market solutions to environmental problems.  It really does.  Great resource.

Peter Solness Australian photographer

Philip Larkin My favourite poet

Travel to Poland, Hotels and information Poland travel deals with hundreds of hotels online

Population Research Institute is trying to end human rights abuses committed in the name of “family planning,” and stop counter-productive government interventions premised on the myth of “overpopulation.”

Prague hotels 

Hotels in Prague, Accommodation in hotel apartments Hotels and apartments in Prague. Great choice of Rooms

Private Wilderness run Campi ya Kanzi, Kilalinda Lodge and soon Saruni camp all in Kenya

Quackwatch Combating health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies.  Volunteers and expert advisors provide a lively source of common sense, but don't always recognise that they're doing a fine job already without government help. 

Patrick Moore's home page  Ex Greenpeace founder and activist who now opposes many of their current campaigns.  In particular he believes their opposition to sustainable logging and to GM food is irrational.  The centre for private conservation analyses and promotes examples of private conservation around the world.

"Reason Magazine ...makes the best case for practical libertarianism. Well-written and -researched articles delve into the specifics of economics and politics, offering alternatives and critiques." The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

Remembering Ronald Reagan 

Resources for the Future: This Washington-based environmental think tank champions two iGreen principles. Environmental policy must balance costs and benefits, and laws prohibiting cost consideration are unacceptable. Environmental goals should be accomplished as cheaply possible, which often means using economic incentives (tradable permits or pollution charges) in lieu of command-and-control regulation (e. g. requiring the installation of particular pollution-control equipment). 

Right to roam The UK Government plans to turn the countryside into a commons.  Good populist politics, but an environmental disaster. 

Hotels in Rome, Apartments in Rome Italy Accommodation in Rome in hotel apartments

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The RSPCA used to be a powerful organisation for animal welfare.  It is being captured by sentimental townies.  It recently expelled Richard Meade for daring to defend foxhunting.

Say no to the Nanny Culture


Sitting Spiritually Handmade garden swing seats.

Mark Skousen That rare thing, a cheerful economist. The New York Times is one of the most tiresomely PC papers in the world.  Smartertimes is the antidote. Enjoy! 

Snake river dams The battle over the four dams of the Lower Snake River, Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Little Goose and Lower Granite, dominates politics in Eastern Washington state. 

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research. It’s scholarly but more fun than it sounds. The iGreen paper "Return the streets" is one of their top 10 abstracts.

Spotlight on the Environment

"Surfers against sewage" are a highly effective pressure group campaigning for clean costal and inland water in the UK. 

Taking back America a conservative newsletter

Tax Freedom Day: indicates how much governments take from their citizens in taxation. The higher the taxes, the later it falls. No country has it in April. Most fall at the end of May or into June. This is one of the best TFD web-sites, with the date for many countries, and graphs showing where it is moving forward to freedom, or back to collectivist darkness. 

Terrorism Research Centre

The Thoreau Institute seeks ways to protect the environment without regulation, bureaucracy, or central control. "That government is best which governs least" Henry David Thoreau, 1849. The leading light is  author of "The Vanishing Automobile and other Urban Myths." The New York Times refers to as "a public interest group."  Presumably they think that higher taxes, bigger government and more restrictions on political speech are in the "public interest." As says, 'The Times labels conservative groups as "conservative groups" and liberal groups as "public interest" groups.'

Trams for Bath want to re-introduce trams to the streets of Bath (U.K.) 

Transform is the leading independent UK organisation campaigning to minimise drug related harm to individuals and communities.  They believe this can best be achieved by legalisation.

The Transportal links to transport websites

UpandUnder Great canoe and gear shop in Cardiff.  An excellent website too.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement These people think there are too many people, so they voluntarily don't have children themselves.   Good luck to them.  Judging by their website they are confused about capitalism, population and the environment, so perhaps it's best if they die out!

Warsaw Poland, Information on Warsaw Travel to Warsaw Poland. Get all Warsaw Information

Wingspread A small and super Irish charity providing aid to Chad.  Not to be confused with the Wingspread Statement of the Precautionary Principle (click here) which if followed would harm the poorest in Africa.  Click here to read more.

World Bank publications: Love it or hate it the World Bank, via its structural adjustment programmes, influences international development. It produces detailed “country reports” and larger “development reports”. The uninspiringly named 16th Development Report "Investing in Health" (1993) had huge influence on health care worldwide. Get it here. 


World War II aircraft crash sites in Norway


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