River Witham
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River Witham


I've not paddled this river and donít have a full itinerary.  What follows are a few landmarks and bridges. It is a bleak windswept river with, apart from Lincoln and Boston, little to see as you paddle between high flood banks.   But look out for the hamlet of New York set back from the bank at Dogdyke and as you paddle on to Boston remember from where two of the world's great cities got their names.  


Access is also possible from the A17 bridge at Beckingham

Witham Witham Beckingham A 17 bridge.JPG (247942 bytes)

The old bridge is closed to vehicles, but there is parking on the old road, and steps to the water under the new bridge.  There was plenty of flow when I visited in Feb. 2006


0 miles - A1434 bridge at Bracebridge

witham bracebridge.JPG (271835 bytes)


Plough Inn left.

Launch left below bridge


Dixon Street bridge


Boultham Ave bridge


Channel enters left


Station street bridge


Ropewalk bridge

Railway bridge


1.2 miles - Brayford pool

witham brayford pool.JPG (188158 bytes)   Lincoln Brayford Pool.jpg (22728 bytes)  brayford-pool1.jpg (241062 bytes)

The Fossdyke canal enters from the west. 


Exit Brayford pool to the east under the modern Wigford Way bridge A 57


1.3 miles -The Glory Hole.  

witham glory hole.JPG (208047 bytes)   

The High Street

witham high street.JPG (245819 bytes)



angel sculpture.JPG (234306 bytes)  



1.4 miles - A15 bridge

 witham A15 bridge.JPG (189093 bytes)  

Cathedral left

lincoln cathedral.JPG (144549 bytes)

Pipe footbridge


2 miles - Stamp end Lock

 witham stamp end lock.JPG (229599 bytes)

The upper gate has an unusual guillotine design instead of the usual hinged doors.  

2.2 miles - Railway bridge

 witham railway bridge.JPG (156316 bytes)

6.7 miles - Fiskerton moorings left.


fiskerton moorings.jpg (7046 bytes)


The river is set back a mile or so from the river.  The Witham once ran past the village but was straightened many years ago when the fens were drained. 

Click here for the Fiskerton airfield oil wells, and here for the RAF Fiskerton memorial. 

7 miles - Five Mile house bridge


10 miles - Short Ferry Pumping station left.

Old river course leaves left around Branston Island.


11 miles - Bardney Lock

Old river rejoins left.

Bardney lock


11.5 miles - Bardney bridge B1190

witham bardney bridge.JPG (251068 bytes)    witham bardney bridge2.JPG (192400 bytes)

Landing stage left above bridge

witham bardney bridge landing stage.JPG (230128 bytes)

Sugar factory left below bridge

 witham bardney bridge sugar factory.JPG (128038 bytes)



17.5 miles - Kirkstead bridge

kirkstead bridge.jpg (8441 bytes)

Kirkstead Arms right

Railway hotel left


21 miles - Tattersall bridges

tattersalll bridges.jpg (5761 bytes)    Tattersall old bridge r witham.JPG (144002 bytes)

The new bridge now carries the A153


22.2 miles - Dogdyke right

Land left for the Packet Inn.

The tiny settlement of New York, a couple of miles down the road, gave its name to one of the great cities of the Americas.    


23 miles - Chapel Hill right

Crown Inn.

Slea navigation (Kyme Eau) enters right

kyme eau junct with witham1.JPG (146711 bytes)

Click here to read more. 


28 miles - Langrick bridge

Ferry Boat Inn left


30.2 miles - Anton's Gowt

Malcolm Arms left


The lock on the channel leaving left enters the Witham navigable drains.  It is possible to paddle through to the centre of Boston via this route.


32.7 miles - Boston Grand Sluice.  

The end of the non tidal Witham.

Boston - the town that gave its name to a famous New World settlement.  


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