Toll bridges in the past
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Accounts of the toll regimes on these, mostly lovely, bridges typically make veiled criticism of the avaricious bridge builders, and the greedy owners who collected the tolls, and celebrate the day when local government officials bought them out. Photographs of smiling civic dignitaries leading the common people over the newly free bridge hammer the point home.

How sad and misguided! The dignitaries never paid for the tolling rights out of their own pocket. They raised taxes.   Instead of being paid for by users, responsibility for looking after the bridge simply passed to those who did not!

We should hardly be surprised that triumphant toll-removal stories are soon followed by accounts of traffic congestion, neglect of repairs and eventually the need for a new bridge.

Aberdeen, bridge of Dee

aberdeen bridge of dee.JPG (182781 bytes)

Built in 1527.  One of the six most congested road bridges in Scotland may be tolled in the future; a traffic hotspot to be charged at the highest rate under the government's proposed road pricing scheme.  Let's hope it happens soon.

Aberdeen, old bridge of Don ("Brig o' Balgownie")

aberdeen old bridge of don.jpg (30788 bytes)   

Built in 1290.  Lord Byron swam in the river here as a child.  The salmon pool is mentioned in Don Juan. 

Bedford bridge

bedford bridge.jpg (31429 bytes)

Built in 1813 to replace a much older bridge, it became toll free in 1835

Here is an engraving of the old Bedford bridge with its two toll houses.

Bedford-Bridge-old.jpg (215044 bytes)

Bishops bridge. River Wensum. Norwich

bishops bridge norwich3.jpg (84076 bytes)

Built approximately 1340.

Byker Bridge over the Ouseburn between Newcastle and Byker.

byker bridge.jpg (28258 bytes)

This road viaduct opened 19th October 1878. The half penny toll was withdrawn on 12th April 1895

Castleford bridge over the river Calder

castleford bridge2.jpg (38307 bytes)

Located near a Roman ford.  Designed by Bernard Hartley and built in 1808 by his son Jesse.  Tolls ended in 1810

Chester, Old Dee Bridge

chester_dee_bridge.jpg (57082 bytes)

The present stone bridge was built around 1387.  A number of wooden bridges on the same site had been lost in floods.  Tolls were abolished in 1885.

Coalport bridge

coalport bridge.jpg (126572 bytes)

First wooden bridge opened in 1780.  The present bridge was built in 1810.  

Coldstream bridge over the Tweed

coldstream toll bridge.jpg (119607 bytes)

Designed by John Smeaton, who also designed the Eddystone lighthouse, and built in 1767 by Robert Reid, tolls ceased in 1826.

Countess Wear bridge over the Exe at Exeter

countess wear bridge.jpg (54384 bytes)

Built in late 18th century

Croft bridge over the river Tees

Croft Bridge.jpg (83251 bytes)   

The Great North Road crossed the Tees here.  The bridge was built by Walter Skirlaw, Bishop of Durham around 1400.   A marble stone containing fossils on the third arch from the Durham side marks the County boundary. Tolls ended in 1879. 

Eggleston Abbey Bridge over the river Tees

egglestone abbey bridge.jpg (62645 bytes)

Built in 1773.

Ferrybridge over the Aire

ferrybridge1.jpg (31465 bytes)     ferrybridge john carr.jpg (52919 bytes)  ferybrdgebernardhartley.jpg (77688 bytes)  ferrybridge new.jpg (4213 bytes)   

The great North road had crossed the river Aire here on a medieval bridge since the 12th century.  The stone toll bridge was built between 1797 and 1804.  I don't know when the tolls ended.  The names of the designer John Carr and builder Bernard Hartley are engraved on plaques on the bridge.   The toll house remains and the new A1 bridge passes nearby.

Fye bridge over the Wensum in Norwich

fye_bridge2.jpg (67170 bytes)

Gainsborough. Trent bridge (A631) 

gainsborough trent bridge.jpg (173001 bytes)    Gainsborough_Toll_Bridge henry drayton staffin.jpg (67152 bytes)

Built in 1791 to replace a ferry.  Tolls abolished in 1932.

Grey's bridge, over the river Frome in Dorchester

Greys_bridge2.jpg (52885 bytes)  Greys_bridge4.jpg (17991 bytes)

Featured in Thomas Hardy's novel The Mayor of Casterbridge

Hebden packhorse bridge 

hebden bridge.jpg (72093 bytes)   hebdenbridge2.jpg (16252 bytes)

This bridge over the river Hebden gave its name to the town.  

Henley bridge over the Thames

henley bridge2.jpg (58890 bytes)

Built in 1786.  Tolls ended in 1873. 

Hilgay toll bridge over the Great Ouse near Downham Market

HilgayTollBrBWmillPub.jpg (7639 bytes)

Tolls ended in 1924

Ironbridge over the Severn

ironbridge and toll house.jpg (91230 bytes)   ironbridge.jpg (43903 bytes)  ironbridge tolls2.jpg (38133 bytes)

Built 1781.  Tolls ended 1950. 

Kew (king Edward VII) bridge over the Thames 

kew bridge.jpg (82852 bytes)   kew_bridge2.gif (27357 bytes)  kewbridge3.jpg (9446 bytes)

A wooden toll bridge was built here in 1759, and replaced by a stone toll bridge in 1789.  Tolls were removed in 1874 and the present bridge was built in 1898

Newcastle High Level bridge

Newcastle high level bridge.jpg (23362 bytes)

Started in 1845. The railway line opened in 1849 and the roadway in 1850.  Halfpenny tolls ended on 10 May 1937

Newcastle Redheugh Bridge

redheugh bridge.jpg (22466 bytes)  redheugh_01.jpg (21326 bytes)   Redheughbridge 1908.jpg (87685 bytes)   

The present Redheugh bridge carrying the A189 (left above) built in 1983 has never had tolls.   However the first bridge on this site 1871 (middle) which was largely rebuilt in 1901 (right) had tolls until 1937.  

Potter Heigham bridge over the Thurne

Potterheyham Bridge1.jpg (48997 bytes)

14th century.  So low and narrow that motor boaters have to hire a "Bridge Pilot" to navigate it.

Selby toll bridge over the Ouse

selby toll bridge original wheels.jpg (26609 bytes)  selby toll bridge plaque.jpg (26270 bytes)    Selbyswing_bridge_old tollbridge.jpg (49298 bytes)

Pictures courtesy of Nigel Briggs. Click here for his website

The original bridge was built in 1791 and entirely replaced in 1969/70.  Tolls ended in September 1991 when Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council bought it with contributions from local business.

Shardlow toll bridge over the Trent (the old Cavendish bridge)

shardlow toll bridge charges.jpg (236180 bytes)

Built in 1758. It was washed away in 1947.  This monument, which records the scales of charges, now stands opposite the Navigation Inn. 

Skye Bridge  

skye bridge.jpg (37739 bytes)

Built in 1995  The tolls were 5.70 in high seasonTolls ended in 2004. Read the story here.


St Ive's bridge over the Great Ouse in St Ives. Cambridgeshire

st_ivesbridge3.jpg (45993 bytes)


The chapel in the middle used to be the toll house

Tickford bridge over the river Lovat, Newport Pagnall

newport pagnell tickford bridge1.jpg (69593 bytes)   newport pagnell tickford bridge2.jpg (24013 bytes)

Built in 1810 the present iron bridge replaced an earlier stone bridge.   Said to be the oldest iron bridge still carrying motorised traffic.  

The River Usk Chain bridge. Kemeys Commander, Nr Usk, Monmouthshire NP15 1PP

usk-chain-bridgex.jpg (34296 bytes)

Built in 1906 replacing an older Chain Bridge.  Tolls had been abolished in 1901 when the bridge was taken over by the local authority. Photo Courtesy of Rosemary Evans

River Adur toll bridge, Shoreham on Sea, Sussex
adhurDSC01587.jpg (66337 bytes)

Originally built under an Act of 1781. Rebuilt in 1916.  Now owned and neglected by West Sussex County Council.  Friends of Old Shoreham Toll Bridge, click here, are trying to save it. 

 Old toll bridge over the river Stour, Sandwich

sandwich TollBridge.jpg (33206 bytes)

King Canute issued the original charter for a toll ferry here.  Tolls ended in 1977

Westgate Bridge over the river Severn at Gloucester

westgate bridge gloucester.jpg (6759 bytes)   westgate bridge gloucester2.jpg (32484 bytes)

The first bridge was built at this point in 1189.  The present bridge was built in 1999.  The tolls were removed following riots against them in 1827. 

Whitby swing bridge

whitby swing bridge1.JPG (221244 bytes)   whitby swing bridge2.JPG (201644 bytes)   whitby swing bridge3.JPG (288609 bytes)

The present bridge was built in 1909.  A toll bridge on this site, or perhaps slightly to the south, i.e. upstream, was first mentioned in 1351.  The people of Whitby have erected a war memorial at the west end.  Click here.   

Whorlton suspension bridge over the river Tees

whorlton suspension bridge.jpg (72454 bytes)     whorlton bridge toll house.jpg (61888 bytes)

Completed in 1831.  It carried the Whorlton and Staindrop Turnpike Road.  Click here for more.

Yarm bridge over the river Tees

yarm  bridge.jpg (153258 bytes) 

Built in 1400 by Walter Skirlaw, Bishop of Durham.  Click here for more. 

York, Lendal bridge

lendal-bridge-york5.jpg (372206 bytes)

Built in 1863.  It was originally intended as a toll bridge but I'm not sure if it was actually ever subject to tolls. The toll hoses are now cafes.

York, Ouse bridge

ouse bridge york.jpg (76860 bytes)

This is on or near the site of the original Roman bridge.  A stone bridge was first built here in the 12th century and collapsed in the 16 century.   The Old Ouse bridge which was tolled was built in 1565-6 and the present bridge in 1820.

York, Skeldergate bridge

Skeldergate_Bridge_York_2.jpg (98258 bytes)   skeldergate toll bridge sign.jpg (27933 bytes)    skeldergate bridge plaque.jpg (332724 bytes)

Built in 1881, tolls ended on Skeldergate bridge in 1914.


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